Bridgeways: Inspiring from all angles

Bridgeways is a large nonprofit offering various programs to connect adults with mental illness to jobs and housing. They meet manufacturing needs for local industries, bridging the gap between large-scale fabrication market needs and people seeking opportunities for growth. They were looking for a refresh to their brand identity that communicated their company’s ethos and ambition to a widely varied audience.

What We Did

We led Bridgeways through the transformative process of creating a meaningful, modern brand. From an outdated website and logo, we set them up with a complete, new set of visual assets for web and print.

This included:

  • A new logo
  • A complete Brand Guide, setting standards for fonts, icons, photography, and color sets
  • On-site photography that captured the faces and activities of the company
  • Full website design, including a sitemap wireframes, and full-fidelity mockups
  • Modern web development on WordPress, the most widely-used CMS on the web
  • Ongoing site maintenance with security monitoring, updates, and hosting management

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