Hy-Grade Valve Inc.

Hy-Grade Valve: an Informative, Branded Site with Ease and Utility

Hy-Grade came to us needing a modern website that balanced ease-of-use with utility. Despite having a lot of technical specifications to convey, they wanted to showcase their catalog in a way that was simple but effective, helping their customers find what they need. They also needed a way to connect their customers to the right distributors for parts, based on their specific location. On top of utility, they needed a compelling brand experience that tied it all together.

What We Did

After hearing their needs, we embarked upon a design process that expanded their current brand to foster a modern look and feel. We set them up for success with a robust Content Management System that gave them the freedom to manage their site.

The custom build incorporated:

  • A custom ‘Find Your Distributor’ tool
  • Easy catalog and content management using Drupal
  • A custom-developed theme for their brand

These widgets were custom-developed code to Hy-Grade’s specifications. They capture and store historical price figures for oil and natural gas in the local database, and then graph and display them on the home page.

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