Blackfin Software provides web design, application development and consulting. Our experience ranges from Mobile Apps to Web Applications to Custom Programming across multiple platforms. Some solutions require a blending of all three areas. Having bootstrapped an ISP in 1994 out of essentially thin air into a successful access, web development and services business, our understanding of basic business principals not to mention core internet architectures is strong.

What we do.

  • Design, develop and deploy complex web applications from a simple design idea.
  • Develop cross platform (iOS/Android) Mobile Apps using Phonegap.
  • Develop custom timeclock solutions tailored to the way you manage your business.
  • Work from design comps to produce pixel perfect HTML5/CSS3.
  • Optimize and secure web sites and applications to provide better performance and enhanced security.
  • Inherit orphaned sites of all sorts and help to fix and maintain them, on your hosting or ours.
  • Navigate the intracacies of domain name management: handling registrars, nameservers and address records for you so that you don’t have to.
  • Develop Drupal 7 or WordPress sites using any combination of custom or off-the-shelf themes and modules.
  • Upgrade Drupal 5 or 6 sites to Drupal 7.
  • Write, fix or just maintain custom Drupal modules or themes.
  • Develop and/or consume custom Web Services REST APIs
  • Given our deep programming experience, we get into the inner workings of a system so that we can solve problems the right way – at the core.

What have we done recently?


Implemented a design retrofit of a Drupal 7 site that features extensive use of Drupal Panels, Pages and Views. This existing responsive theme was heavily modified, requiring a further refinement to restore the responsive aspect.

SETAC Nashville

Developed and deployed a Phonegap-based mobile app [iOS | Android] for SETAC’sNashville meeting. This included keeping the Meeting Management Application’s MySQL database in sync with a reduced version of itself in SQLite running within the Mobile App, via Ajax and JSON.

Drupal Commons

A private community Drupal Commons site utilizing a custom theme and customer-specific tailoring. Custom module to provide HTML email digests of activity updates. Required refinement to restore the responsive qualities.

Blackfin Timeclock

A Time clock application developed and customized for a various clients. Time accounting on predefined job codes or project/task, clock in/out, Start/stop timer, leave and holdiday tracking modules, rollup reporting, by pay period, month, year, etc., Flexible pay periods, IP address tracking, and configurable email reminders.

One of our not-for-profit association clients utilizes to maintain their membership list, and actually has several different geographically-disperse entities that they manage, so they have multiple accounts with We’ve developed an engine to keep these in sync by automatically composing and consuming the XML messages required to interact with the Web Services API.


We’ve begun utilizing Symfony2 to develop various sites – including custom ChangeLog implementations for various customers. The idea here is to have a publicly viewable interface to all changes that are happening in real time to a Web site or application, so any hiccups can quickly be tracked back to possible actor(s). Updates can be made automatically by git hooks or configuration control scripts engineered for the purpose.

Site Migration

Migrating several sites to Drupal 7, including,,,

SETAC Meeting Management

Developed a feature-rich web application for managing all of the various facets of the academic conference life cycle. This includes:

  • session topic suggestion and preliminary program definition
  • abstract submission, review and approval/rejection
  • broadcast email facility to send formatted messages to different groups affiliated with the conference (session chairs, authors, etc.)
  • meeting registration and payment collection
  • upload/cataloging of presentations and/or papers
  • online program/itinerary planner (including a mobile web as well as an actual mobile app version)
  • support for student travel award application
  • support of judging and scoring of student presentations
  • badge formatting and printing
  • configurable post-meeting public site for access to selected papers/presentations

In its current form: Meeting Management System

And in the not so distant past…

  • Designed and implemented primary SETAC site utilizing a customized Drupal theme; Converted several ASP sites over to PHP in the process:
  • Refactoring, debugging, and extending existing Java-based psychomotor skills test battery for student pilots. This system utilizes Java3d, Swing, XML, and JXUtils(joystick interface). When we got this system it was hamstrung – actually undeliverable – by a race condition in its multi-threaded implementation. We quickly resolved this issue, and have completed the unfinished elements, brought it up to Java (1.)5, and added additional tests and functionality requested by the customer.
  • Migrated ColdFusion application from {Solaris 7 / Oracle 8i / CF 4.5} to {RedHat / Oracle 10g / CF MX 7} to address hardware and software limitations. This system also consists of a series of Perl and Shell scripts as well as C code, utilizes cron jobs, CF Scheduler tasks, and produces PDF and Excel outputs. Multiple versions of the legacy system were intermingled on the original Solaris box, which required a thorough analysis and rewrite of many sections. Introduced CSS, graphical menu and a streamlined organizational layout. Produced a clean, well-organized and stable solution for the customer.
  • Developed SSL-based communication infrastructure for the MAST project to work for both Windows and Linux clients, interoperable from both C++ and Java program elements. Utilized OpenSSL libraries and PEM based X.509 Certificates.

Let’s get started.